conway photo Lovely Conway, South Carolina

  • Shoveling Sand
    I fell in love with the town Conway, NH, for I knew the people here tend to do the right thing when they have had enough and act as one.

  • New Hampshire's
    In the White Mountains it is possible to swim in rushing rivers, fish in lakes and streams, hike the rocky-topped peaks, bicycle winding back roads, golf, play tennis or ride horses. And for those needing a break from the great outdoors, there are museums and plenty of tax-free shopping, particularly in North Conway.

  • Hidden Agendas
    By not disclosing competing interests, a person acting in a representative capacity is playing with a hidden agenda whether intended or not. Again, when I was on the budget committee, I concurrently was a member of the Red Cross board of directors and that of the North Conway Community Center.

  • Ugly Billboards
    It was reassuring to read recently that a prominent developer at the south end of our village's shopping strip has promised not to turn North Conway into another Portland. That's fine, but I wonder what impact Borders, Barnes and Noble, or Starbucks might have on some of our local independent merchants who have worked so hard to bring money into the town rather than send it out.

  • Fear and Loathing
    I was truly elated when it came time to finally return home to my wife, dog, friends and home in good old North Conway, New Hampshire......a place the overall pleasantness of which should never be taken for granted.

  • Sanctity Of Science
    The real question is: does ID have a legitimate place in a high school science curriculum? Does it have a place in Kennett High right here in Conway, New Hampshire?

  • South Carolina Gamecocks
    It might be too soon for South Carolina to make a run at the SEC East title with Tennessee, Florida and Georgia all ranked in the preseason top 20 but there are enough winnable games on the schedule for the Gamecocks to make it back to a bowl game at the end of the season.

  • Hilton Head Island
    Hilton Head Island, located off the coast of South Carolina just north of Savannah Georgia, provides a perfect vacation destination for beach enthusiasts and those who are looking for a getaway from everyday errands, work and traffic.

  • Customers and Unions
    What I believe is un-American is trying to stop or curtail Wal-Mart's growth. I like getting my money's worth! What's wrong with that? Moreover, if Wal-Mart is ever chased out of Conway, where, pray tell, does one get his or her Photo's scanned?

  • Study Abroad
    The first thing that went through my mind when I first arrived at the airport by myself in South Carolina was «now my life is starting to have a 180 degree change.